Naturism and your first experience

Some people grow up in naturism and others find naturism later in life. Regardless of when you discover it, there is always a first time.

Your first experience of naturism can be a daunting one. Whilst you may be comfortable being naked in your own surroundings, being naked in the presence of others and taking that first step can be a nail-biting experience.

In my previous role as the Youth Officer for British Naturism, I have introduced so many people to naturism helping and supporting them to overcome those initial nerves. Ironically, being the only clothed person in the presence of other naturists can equally be an unsettling feeling, which itself helps with motivation to take that first step.

What goes through a person’s mind at that moment?

It can be a variety of reasons and are individual to each person. For some it can be the unfamiliar sensation of being naked outside, the thought that others may stare at you, or maybe the anxieties from beliefs about body image and appearance may take hold.

Whatever the cause of the initial apprehension, once that step has been taken, in so many cases these feelings of anxiety are replaced by elation and then ease and relaxation. So many people look back and can’t believe the worry they felt in the lead up to their first experience ,wishing they had tried it sooner. Soon after it becomes so normal and a natural way of life. Such experiences are made easier with so many naturists being genuine, understanding, caring and accepting people – these traits run throughout true naturism and is what makes our way of life very special and unique.

What is the best way to start?

Having introduced so many people to naturism and helping them with their first experiences, I’ve learnt what can help. I’ve found the best way is to join a group of naturists at a social event (clothed), such as the pub. Getting to know a group of naturist friends first and by finding how nice naturists typically are, this can help allay some of those jitters and your first naturist experience will be amongst new life-long friends. Remember, everyone is unique, and all bodies are natural, yours is no different and naturists do not stare or judge.

I can promise that once you have taken your first step you will never look back.  

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