Our journey has just begun

It has only been two-and-a-half months since we launched our online marketplace, Secluded Escapes. In this article we talk about our journey so far, our experiences and where we are heading.

We launched Secluded Escapes in March 2019 to help people like us find their perfect private and secluded holiday accommodation, making it simple and easy for property owners and holiday makers to connect and book with confidence. With the properties we list being private and not-overlooked, or on a naturist resort, we are clearly operating in a special and niche area.

We are ploughing our own path, determined to define an area of the market that sits between traditional villa websites and naturist only websites. We are appealing to people who simply want privacy on their holiday and those who enjoy naturism, a unique position that combined with our traditional naturist values, can create mainstream awareness of naturism by bringing these two markets together.

Since starting our new venture, we have engaged with so many people. It has taken us truly by surprise the amount of support we have received from naturists, some of whom are property owners themselves. Their spirit and belief in promoting naturism is truly warming, genuinely showing us support with our journey. Naturists are such genuinely nice people it reminds us that we are part of a very special community – this continues to drive and motivate us on our journey.

“Naturists are such genuinely nice people it reminds us that we are part of a very special community.”

With the start of our new blog, upcoming features in magazines, growing site traffic and growing social media channels, we’re spreading the word and looking forward to where this journey takes us.

Wherever this takes us, we’re certain we will get to know more and more great people and as we love what we do, we’re going to enjoy every minute of this journey.

At Secluded Escapes we list holiday accommodations such as villas and properties on naturists resorts. If you would like to try your first experience in the privacy of your own secluded villa or would like to try naturism abroad, you can find your perfect holiday rental accommodation with us (www.secludedescapes.com).